My next door neighbor Erotic Story Competition Story 9

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This started quite a few years ago and has continued right up to today.

Operating my own long haul transport business covering all of North America, I was away more than I was home.

But when I spent time at home, I was in the habit of not wearing any clothes.

The day that changed things a lot for me,was the day Shel my next door neighbor came over for a coffee and a catch up on all the places I had been on my run.

Shel being a married woman with 3 kids and very pregnant with number 4, and as far as I was concerned very inviting looking but a prude.

As we made small talk and I told her where I had been on my last run,she got up to pour some more coffee and with her back to me, informed me that I would have to start being more careful and maybe wear shorts or a bathing suit around the house.

She informed me that a number of times she had seen me nude and was concerned about the kids seeing me that way.

Being my usual smart ass self , I told her, I’m not even a little bit shy and I have a thing for letting it all hang out when I get home.

Much to my surprise she let it slip that she herself enjoyed seeing me that way but was concerned about the kids seeing me.

Realizing what she had just said, I informed her that I didn’t think it was fair that she had been watching and observing me naked and I had never seen her close to it.

Obviously catching her completely of guard, she turned a nice shade of red and informed me that no one had ever seen her nude.

Not taking her comment serious, I said ya sure, your married with 3 kids and one on the way but no one has ever seen you naked!

My marriage isn’t like you are with the females you bring home, you guys have no problems being naked in front of each other, but my husband does not allow nudity in out house.

Realizing she was dead serious, I asked her what about when you guys get it on, doesn’t he look at you and enjoy your body? Don’t you look at him and how do you suck his dick without looking at him?

That is when Shel let it slip, obviously very uncomfortable, stammering and stuttering she informed me she had never seen naked bodies until she saw mine and my lady friends.

Realizing what she had just admitted to and said, she stood up again and as she paced the floor,she opened up and everything came spilling out of her mouth.

My husband says that sex is only for making baby’s and release for the man,when he wants sex he tells me to get into bed and get ready for him,that means I have to remove my underpants get under the bed covers and wait for him, he climbs on top of me and does his thing,tuns over and says good night.

I can’t begin to tell you what it’s been like for me, seeing you naked and I may just as well admit to the fact that I have been watching you through your bedroom window with your lady friends,how you guys enjoy each other,the things that you do to each other.

I discovered from watching you that way,that you have a thing for your woman to wear very sexy underwear and I went and bought some just to find out what that is like?

I would watch you through your windows wearing it and finger myself as I watched you guys, and yes I think that secretly I hoped you would catch me like that?

Sitting at the kitchen table listening to her spill her guts, all I could think of was,what am I waiting for?

Figuring,it’s now or never, I told her this isn’t fair, you have been enjoying my body and I have never seen yours, I really think you should go home put on your sexy undies and come back here and show me!

It was obvious that she didn’t know what to say or do and said I’m sure you don’t want to see me all swollen and pregnant like this.

Are you kidding? There is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman as far as I’m concerned!

Getting up from my chair I reached over and stated unbuttoning her blouse,telling her I just have to see your ripe milk filled tits, having unbuttoned it I was confronted by a very plain Jane bra that was obviously way to small for her heavy tits, grabbing the bottom of it a pulled it over top of swollen tits allowing them to drop free and milk squirt out of one of them.

Seeing that was all I needed and lifting it to my mouth I sucked it,getting richly rewarded with a ample amount of her baby milk.

As I sucked,kissed and licked her tit,she started moaning and grabbing my shoulders to hold herself up she started shaking and gasping obviously having a orgasm of giant proportions.

Wrapping my arms around her and hugging her tightly, I told her, do it girl do it, after a few minutes,she pushed me back and started to tuck her tits back into her bra and sat down on her chair.

Oh no you don’t I told her,not unless you want to go home and put on your sexy undies and come back to show me?

Much to my surprise she informed me yes I do, I want a lot more of what just happened and I know I can get that from you, Gibe me 5 minutes and I’ll be back.

True to her word she was back in less than 5 minutes wearing nothing but a sheer bra and matching thong panties and a bath robe draped over her arm.

Seeing her like that for the first time ever except for all the times I pictured her that way in my mind, I dropped my pants exposing my now aching for her hard on and told her this is what you are doing to me, you and you alone are responsible for this, what do you propose to do about it?

Seeing the lust in her eyes and her hoarse voice saying did I really cause that? Can I touch it please?

Taking her hand I told her you can do anything you want,nut lets go in the playroom and get comfortable doing it.

Leading her to the bedroom,I pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs and pulled the tiny crotch of her thongs to the side, I started kissing and licking her very swollen pussy, teasing her clit in between making her gasp and moan spreading her legs even more and grabbing the back of my head pulling me tight into her oh so wet pussy,repeating over and over yes,yes oh God yeeeeeesssss.

In no time at all she once again started to shake,tense up and explode only to push me away,telling me stop I can’t stand it.

Sitting back on my heels looking at her very swollen soaked hairy pussy right in front of me, she informed me that this is so fantastic and after a cum I got so sensitive I couldn’t stand it.

At that she pulled me onto the bed beside her and informed me,It’s my turn, grabbing my aching hard cock she stroked it and touched it all over, kissing the tip, suddenly sitting up and informed me, this is the first time I have ever seen a real dick and I get to touch it to.

Watching her play with my cock was like watching a kid with a new toy,exploring it every which way, touching it all over,kissing it,licking it and talking to it.

After a while I told her.that’s a all day sucker you know!

Looking up at me with a big grin on her face,she asked can I,can I suck it?

Hooking my hand behind her head I pulled her down to my dripping with precum cock, Seeing her tongue slip out and tentatively touching the slit catching some of my precum,she suddenly wrapped her lips around the head and went down part way only to start gagging.

Pulling back she asked me what am I doing wrong, I see you girlfriends doing this and some of them can take your whole dick in their mouth?

Chuckling I told her yes but they have been sucking cock for a long time and have learned how to do it and swallow it and if the truth be know,not many woman can swallow my cock because it is to big for that.

At that she sat up,removed her bra and thong laid down spreading her legs wide apart and asked me,do you think it will fit into my pussy,can you try?

I have every intention of fitting it in your pussy and fucking it just for the pleasure of fucking, climbing between her legs I started sliding my cock into her soaking wet hole but her big swollen belly prevented me form going all the way, pulling out I told her get on your hands and knees, I’m going to fuck you from behind so I can get my whole cock into that hot inviting fuck hole, not your pussy or baby maker, your fuck hole in other words we are fucking just for the pleasure of fucking and I want to feel your cunt swallow my cock completely.

At that I got behind her slid the head of my cock around her opening and once the head slipped in I shoved it in balls deep, making her gasp and at the same time push back against me trying to get more, feeling her hot wet cunt wrapped around my cock, I lost it and started pounding her as if I was trying to make it come out of her mouth,bending over her grabbing her big swollen tits squeezing them and fucking her,the minute I squeezed her tits she started shaking and once again exploded only to yell at me yes oh God yes, fuck me,fuck me like that make me your fucking whore,yes fuck me!

Between her getting completely absorbed in our lust and being very vocal about it in no time at all I exploded in her wet and wanting cunt.

Because I was no where near being done with her as I exploded inside of her I slowed down enough to enjoy the pleasure of my cock blasting her filling her wanting cunt with my thick load,picturing in my mind what had just taken place and what was here for me I managed to keep my cock hard and continue fucking her, having her egg me on with telling me over and over, don’t stop,fuck me.yes fuck me keep fucking me like that,I love it.

With every trust into her cunt she slammed back against me meeting me trust for trust,constantly telling me, I’m in heaven I know I am because nothing else could make me feel like this.

Having exploded in her once already we fucked and enjoyed one an other for quite some time,having made her orgasm time and time again until I could feel my load start boiling up again and blasted her dripping cunt once again, making us both collapse and my cock slip out to nestle against her little brown hole trapped between her ass cheeks.



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My next door neighbor Erotic Story Competition Story 9

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