A.C.S Erotic Story Competition Story 4

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Chapter One

It’s been over a year since I last set foot in the sim. Thoughts of her raced through my mind, what will I say, she’ll know how long I’ve been away. Not that she cares. She’ll have no memory of my time away, as if she was asleep this whole time. She’ll greet me as she always does, I’ll walk through the front door and there she’ll be, welcoming me back with small but meaningful kiss, as if I’d just left this morning. Of course it’s only because they’ve programmed the sim to behave this way, or rather I have chosen my fantasy to be this way.

My only regret is that she can’t experience it like I can, the pure bliss as I make her squirm and squirt. The total satisfaction as I finish inside her over and over again. She never complains, every one of my desires is fulfilled without having to say a word. If her screams of satisfaction were any indicator I imagine she does feel on some level, how would she react to me otherwise?

Almost there now, one more room to pass through and I’ll be in the sim. Jim’s already there to see me off, a lab technician who’s manned the door as long as I’ve been coming, I imagine I’m something of a regular around here now. Let’s see this will make the seventh trip if I remember correctly.

“She’s all ready for you Mr. Hayes. Give it a few seconds when you get in, you know the drill.”

“Ah, thanks Jimmy, I never get tired of seeing your face, it means good things are to follow.”

Jimmy passed a quick smile and a nod my way before unlocking the door that lead into the sim environment, simply a large empty room roughly the size of a football field.

A robotic voice greets me
“Welcome back to your sim Mr. Hayes, would you like to make any changes to the program?”

“No same parameters, thank you.”

“Very well, enjoy your stay.”

At this the room began to come to life, first the house, then the roads, cars, birds, trees, and all the makings of a city block, for a moment all the objects seem to shimmer and shake before becoming permanent fixtures. A damn good replica of a beautiful spot I once visited in Germany. I can’t help but marvel at the quality of everything, perfect down to the last cobble stones. This technology is truly one of the great arts of our time.

There she is, in all her glory, the projection of my perfect woman. Her legs are enough to drive a man wild, their curvature lead your vision to a waist wonder woman would envy. Attached, like a supple piece of fruit out of reach to all but the gods themselves, a pair of cheeks that she can move like nothing I’ve ever seen and of course I had to go with the double D rack, cut me some slack, I’m a sucker for big tits. Nothing better than running my cock through the middle of some sweet well-oiled breasts, I love to pinch her nipples as I slide my cock between them. I love how she knows to take the tip in her mouth at the peak of each thrust. A quick learner she is, listening to my breathing to figure out what gets me off.

Chapter 2

It only took me thinking about it to get her going, almost as if she could read my thoughts. Before I could say anything she’s got my pants down and going at my cock like it’s the last one she’s ever going to see.
All I can manage to do is sit back on the couch and enjoy, it’s too overwhelmingly good to think about doing anything else.
“Ohhhh, yeah. And they say money can’t buy happiness.”

She knows when I’m ready to cum, my expression of dumbfounded pleasure, followed by a beastly growl give it away too easily.
Now it’s her turn, I flip her over on her back making sure to touch everything that matters. Grabbing her legs with both hands I start to kiss her inner thighs, I lightly peck the area around her swollen pussy, already dripping wet from playing with my cock for so long. Fuck it, why not. She seems to enjoy the foreplay, even if it’s not necessary to her function. Seeing her squirm in pleasure makes me want to ravage her that much more. She can’t control herself now, my fingers slide in an out of her slick little hole, the floor’s soaked in her pussy fluids, her sticky juices are quite arousing, knowing I caused them to flow so strongly. It’s not long before she’s reaching climax, I do my best to give her what she wants, no, what she needs.

It’s as if my only duty in life is to make this girl cum so hard she can die knowing she’s came the hardest she’ll ever cum. Her body writhes in bursts of orgasmic delight causing my cock to throb with electric pulses of pleasure. I must cum inside her, fill her with what I know she wants most. Just as she seems to be calming down I dive at her clit with everything I have. My tongue twists and turns around her perfect little pleasure spot, her orgasm seems to come back two fold. Her eyes roll back in her head showing her complete loss of control, she cums like I’ve never seen anyone cum before, liquid orgasm gushes from her in all directions. She can’t control it, the flow overwhelms her.

Seeing her state of vulnerability caused by the things I did inside her is almost too good a feeling to imagine. Before long the pleasure seems to overwhelm her and she collapses helpless, her body squirming at the whims of the orgasmic waves flowing through her.
I know she can handle more, she’s explained to me how to help bring her to the next plateau at the peak of her orgasm, I reach down to her cum dripping hole and begin to massage her deeply with my fingers, first sliding my fingers gently across her clit, letting her know I’m about to finger fuck her with all I have. Once inside I carefully search for the spot she loves so much, ah there it is, her body shivers and jolts as my fingers find her pleasure button. I work the spot, slowly at first, soon moving to a faster rhythm. In no time her body begins to take over and she pushes my fingers further inside her with a longing thrust of her pelvis. The feeling of her body unconsciously controlling my fingers brings forth an intensely arousing sensation. It’s as if she’s in complete control and my hands are simply a device of her pleasure. I can feel the walls of her vagina gripping my fingers with each uncontrollable convolution. Knowing I caused this to happen to her almost makes me cum myself but I hold it knowing she wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if I didn’t let her swallow. What can I say, she knows what she wants.

“Put your cock in me! Fuck me, now!” She commanded, almost in hysteria

I’ve never seen her want it this badly, an update in her program maybe?

“I won’t give it up until you cum twice.” I let out a devious laugh.

Something I’ve always wanted to try, mmm the act of causing so much pleasure with just a few fingers is… delightful, to say the least. Her lip began to quiver, her eyes water, almost as if she was about to cry. Instead she let out a little bit of a whine. She protested to a great degree, but her protests were quickly met with fingers reaching far inside her, feeling around her now well juiced vagina, stretching and pushing on all the best spots. Still she couldn’t keep her hands off my cock grabbing and stroking whenever she wasn’t incapacitated by her orgasms.

“Please, please fuck me. Please put your cock inside me! Do it!” She yelled.

“No, you’ve gotta cum one more time baby.”

“Ahg! I’m gunna cum!” Another torrent of cum came squirting out covering my cock and legs.

I must admit I’ve never been so turned on. She grabbed my bulging cock and hysterically began positioning herself to devour it with her dripping vagina. As she came in closer to take my cock I could see her pussy, it was the most inviting thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I longed for the warm cunt that waited to envelop me.

My cock, although quite large, slid effortlessly into the tight little hole I closed my eyes and began savoring every second of the slippery warm sensation. The feeling of her around me is incapacitating, all I can do is marvel at the raw pleasure that she’s providing. Damn, I couldn’t help it I came inside her almost right away, she just looked into my eyes and smiled. She reached down and scooped some cum from deep inside her pussy, reaching up with her index and middle finger, she found a glop of the white stringy substance and slurped it up eagerly.

I lay there still stunned from the rush of pleasure unable to move. She needs more it seems, rolling onto her stomach she began fingering herself violently. Cum sprayed from her with each pass of her hand. Her perfect ass was staring me right in the face just inches from my cock, she stretched the soles of her feet and curled her toes, it was almost enough to make me cum again, if she were to only brush the head of my cock I’m sure I’d lose it.

The view of her backside as she masturbated was almost as good as cumming inside her. Those perfect toes under that perfect ass riding high a perfect rack, oh god! Her features began to distract me more than I anticipated and her increasingly violent screams began to arouse me in ways I couldn’t imagine, in one swift motion, she grabbed ahold my cock with both petite hands and guided it between her legs. Just as the head poked its way past the threshold she drove herself down on me, filling her sweet pussy with her favorite thing. I tried to thrust but she wasn’t letting me, this was for her. She yearned to wrap herself around something as delicious as my cock. The flurry of orgasmic contractions message my throbbing member to the point of ungodly satisfaction, I cooed and moaned as the soft slick inside of her vagina moved so vigorously around me, it was as if her vagina was built just for my cock, a perfect match. It had a mind of its own now, bulging and convulsing around me, I don’t stand a chance. Not again, I haven’t been inside her more than a minute and I’m ready to blow my load again. God she’s too much, It’s too good.
I screamed in pleasure as she drove herself down on me in my final moments before losing it all. She’s been getting ready, rubbing her clit while I fuck her, even if I lasted only a minute it was enough for her to time it just right and start cumming with me.

With each surge of cum from my cock the walls of her vagina squeezed me with the force of a vice, the flow of cum from deep inside her mixed with my own fluids and seeped from the sides of her stuffed hole running down my thighs and covering the floor in a sticky mess. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss she pulled off and spread her pussy open for me, showing me the fruits of our labor, she knows I love watching the cum drip from inside her. The sight of her pink luscious sex organ caused more cum to flow out my shaft, a few drops found their way to the tip and she brought her mouth in licking up the dribble with a wicked smile that said she needs more. After what must have been hours exhausted from the bouts of high intensity sex we lay on the floor trying to catch our breath. I decide to give it one more go and slip a few fingers into her pussy, moving this way and that, reaching in, digging about. She starts to moan. Ah here it comes she’s about to cum again! She’s had to have cum a dozen times tonight.

As her eyes rolled back in her head I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I love you.” Her orgasm had fully taken her, I don’t even know if she heard me but she didn’t respond, other than her usual squeals and moans anyway. Even though she’s a simulation she seems so real, as real as any other woman I’ve been with, more real even, in ways. I began to feel a bit melancholy as I realized my six hours were almost up, her moans subsided and she seemed to catch on to my momentary depression. She knew just the thing to cheer me up though, her tongue lashed out at my exposed cock with the speed of a serpent. I came in her for the last time for the day.

As I exited the sim room Jim was there to see me out. “Hey Jim, so what happens to everything when the sim ends? Does it all just turn back into data or what?”

“Uh well, look at it as a kind of evaporation. The individual parts of the sim are ‘printed’ so to speak. When all is finished the room is subject to a wipe. Ever wonder why your girls skin feels so real, or the food so lifelike? It’s actually no different than its real counterpart, just a manufactured version so to speak.”

“Huh, I never realized… Anyway I’ll see you next time Jim, take it easy.”
“Sure thing, just don’t forget, if she’s easy take her twice!”

Chapter 3

I’ve been rather distracted lately, my thoughts scattered. I can’t stop thinking about the sim… I knew it was controversial, the price, the class divide. Only the wealthy can afford to use them, I wonder how aware people are of the nature of the sim, everything inside is in reality no different than the real thing. What does that make the people generated by the sim? Are they not alive in the same sense I am?
I think I’ll have a long talk with Jim one of these days…

There he is, sitting off in the corner of the lunch room. I pulled up a chair and he greeted me with the usual friendly hello. After exchanging some small talk I brought up the real reason why I came by.

“Hey I was thinking about some things, the sim, and what you told me about it the other day. If the people generated inside the sim are identical to us, how can we justify just turning it off? Wouldn’t that essentially ‘kill’ the people that were generated?”

Jim took a second to consider the question. His eyes gave away a slight annoyance.

“I understand your concern. This has been a particularly heated area of debate among my colleagues… On one hand we have the creation of a complex being based on chosen parameters and on the other we have the destruction of said being. If we are to give life, we also must take. It’s the only way this thing works.”

“I see, but don’t you think it’s a little, disturbing, to say the least?”
“Hmm, well you could always abstain from the sims, if it bothers you so much.”

“It kind of does bother me Jim, and it bothers me that it doesn’t seem to bother you. How many people have been “evaporated” since the beginning of the sims? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? People capable of living just like you or I, these people can ‘feel’ from what I gather, how do you justify the torture sims that those few sadistic fucks imagine?”
“I don’t know what to tell you, I’m just a technician, not a philosopher. I suggest you drop the subject altogether, at least don’t go making a fuss over it. The company doesn’t look too fondly on that line of thought. Wonder why you don’t read about that shit in the papers? Yeah, because if it were decided that this were the case, that these simulated beings have the same value as a human being, this company is over.”

After a long period of uncomfortable silence I decided that I’d gotten all I was going to get from him.

“Well thanks for your time anyway, I’ll catch you later Jim.”

Chapter 4

I can’t sleep, my dreams are filled with the girl from my sim, how many times have I ended her life? Is she the same person every time she’s recreated? How could she be, if she’s taken apart and reassembled every time. I’ve got to see her again, I wonder if she realizes her fate, I wonder if she thinks about things like death, all I’ve done is fuck her brains out, not that she didn’t seem to love every second of it…

“Back already Mr. Hayes? Weren’t you just in a few days ago?”

“I had such a great time I couldn’t wait for my usual schedule.” I winked a knowing wink at Jim, he’s aware the depths of ecstasy that can find a man in the sim.

“Of course haha, now don’t be getting too hooked you can waste your life away in a place like this.”

“Yeah and my bank account.”

We both chuckled and Jim began the process of gearing up the sim.
It was just as I left it, the beautiful mansion sized residence, a home fit for a king. There she was waiting for me as usual, her face alight with the anticipation of greeting an unforgettable lover. It wasn’t my intention to fuck her today, but every move she took made my mind race with thoughts of pleasuring her until she can’t stand it any longer.

She came toward me, as she closed in for the kiss the longing to feel myself inside her was too tempting to pass up. Her clothes seemed to melt away as quickly as my fingers found their way to her favorite spots. Her moans satisfied me to the core, I could hardly keep myself from throwing her to the floor and ramming my cock into her wet throbbing hole. The thoughts of fucking her while she was cuming were too much to bear,

I had to cum inside her.

“Cum in me! I want to take your whole cock inside me and devour it until you cum, then cum again! I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll start dry shooting because I fucked and sucked all the cum out of you.”

Hearing her talk so dirty made it even harder not to cum early, I lost it twice so far in the first few minutes. Good thing she’s so hot I could cum in her all day…

Things began to wind down, covered in fluids we lay on the floor, still grabbing and prodding playfully in the places we’d so intimately shared earlier. I decided now would be as good of time as any to bring it up. I asked her if she knew what she was, why she was here, and if she is happy. It seemed all her answers were scripted, she knew she was part of a sim and was there for the purpose of fulfilling my fantasies. She said she was happy, she seems happy. Is it really that big of a deal that she’s destroyed and recreated every time I want a doll to play with? Who am I to play God? Who are they?

Chapter 5

I decided it was best to let her know what fate has in store, that she’ll be killed and brought back the next time I decide to rent the sim. This was probably a mistake, she didn’t seem to understand and it was almost as if it were beyond her ability to comprehend, after some time explaining she slowly seemed to come to a realization. She began to realize what death was, this seemed to frighten her, a normal human reaction. Things began to get too real, this girl that I’ve loved and went to places with I’ve never gone with anyone else, places of such intense pleasure I honestly wondered if I’d died and gone to heaven.

She looked at me with a look I haven’t seen on her before, she looked anxious.

“Are you going to be ok?”

“Look I know this is a lot to take in but I feel responsible for you, I’m the reason you’re even here to begin with.”

Silence still, she sits with her arms folded her gaze cold.

“I just want you to know that even though you are just a product of this sim you’re just as human as I am, I… I love you.”

“I… I love you too David Hayes…”

Her words tore me apart, how could I let someone I love live like she lives? Her needs are met, she enjoys fucking my brains out, but it’s still no life for a human…

“I’m going to get you out of here.”

“What? What do you mean, out of this ‘sim’? I’m inclined to stay here, it’s my… home…”
“Yes but, you only think that because that’s what they’ve programmed you to think. You could have a home outside of here, where you don’t face being dismantled after you’ve only lived for 6 hours. Don’t you want that? You could have children, a career, do things besides fucking like a rabbit, not that I have any problem with your more than adequate ability to show a guy what going to the stars is like. Being human is more than this, even if these scumbags running the show value humanity so little…”

She looked up into my eyes. A look of hope seemed to find its way across her face. It made me smile knowing she feels the same things every other human feels. Her first taste of freedom or the idea of it at least. I leaned toward her and went in for a kiss. She beat me to it, caressing my lips in her own as only lovers do.

Chapter 6

I had to think quickly, I had to try and get her out of here. Not only do I have to figure out a way to get her out of the sim but get her an identity, make her a life where there is none. What an impossible task… There’s no way I can pull this off without some outside help, I’ve got to convince Jim to help me, it’s the only way. Think, think, hmmm I know Jim, I know he doesn’t partake in the sims, not because he doesn’t want to but because very few jobs provide the necessary funds to pay for it. Even as a technician his salary while well above average isn’t even close to providing the hundreds of thousands of dollars a session. I’ve got to convince him to build a sim and let me fund it, let him see what I’ve seen, feel what I’ve, and they’ve, felt. If there’s any humanity in him he’ll understand what needs to be done.
I can’t risk him creating another life only for him to decide against his own humanity and doom his lover as quickly as she’s created. But this isn’t going to work any other way… Unless, he could meet my lover, would it be enough? He needs to make a connection, a human connection. Maybe, just maybe I could work something out, let her and him… A twang of jealousy ran through me like ice. Something else also found its way in, the thought of her being fucked while I watch is… really arousing. I don’t see another way. I’ve got to at least try… I’ll run this by her and see what she thinks…

Chapter 7

Apparently she has little concept of jealousy, luckily I get off when other guys are fucking my girl… Ah, the look in her eye when she knows you’re watching her get fucked by someone else and you’re both enjoying it, a beautiful thing really…

Her excitement was highly intoxicating. I grabbed my phone and dialed the facilities front desk number, I asked to be transferred to Jim.


“Hey Jim this is David.”

“Uh didn’t I just send you into the sim? What’s up everything alright?”

“I was wondering if you had a break coming up, I wanted to invite you in.”

“Uh, that’s rather unorthodox, but if that’s what you want sure what the heck I’ve always wanted to spend some time in a sim that doesn’t involve fixing the tech, give me 30 minutes.”

Jim zoned into the sim in his lab gear, I explained to my lover that if she felt so inclined that she can fuck his brains out, her attitude suggested she would love to. She explained in quite the erotic fashion that the pleasure I get from seeing her being fucked to high heaven would in turn provide her with even greater pleasure. She started getting wet just talking about fucking, this girl is simply amazing…

Right away she started eyeing Jim. He seemed a little freaked out at first, not having seen my sim before, or my lover. He came off rather shy. I poured us some beer and attempted to break the ice.

“So Jim, what do you think?”
“Lovely place you’ve got here couldn’t have thought up something better myself.”

“Ah, yes. Quite a lot of time was put into the design, even more so when it came to this beautiful woman.”

My love gave Jim a look that sent him whirling, her eyes said fuck me and her mouth said please.

Jim appeared flustered, his face slightly red. There was no mistaking the kind of look she gave him. I took that moment to be rather blunt with him, I explained that my girl would receive immense pleasure from getting fucked by a stranger, and that I’d love for her to suck my cock while taking one as well.

“Her satisfaction is what pleases me the most, after a long discussion she’s confided in me that sucking my cock while getting fucked by another would be her ultimate fantasy. I asked myself, who am I to deny someone their ultimate desire? Especially her.”

Jim showed mixed emotions. On one hand the prospect of having wild intense sex with this goddess of a woman seemed to please him. Yet the bluntness and disregard for social niceties seemed to throw him a bit. I have to get him to see her like I do… It’s the only way.
“Call in the rest of your shift if you want, next 12 hours on me.”

“12 hours!? That’s nearly $1,000,000, you really want to see her get fucked by another guy that badly?”

“It seems she wants the double cock that badly, I’m willing to do what it takes to make her as happy as she can be.”

“Well fuck, if you’re serious of course I’d like to fuck that girl silly.”

Before I could blink she was on him like a boat on water, swaying up and down, cock already deep inside her cavern of pleasure. He couldn’t take it either, 30 seconds and he’s done round one. Hah, I feel a bit better now.

Oh my god I’ve never seen her move from this perspective, she’s like a force of nature causing this man to wield to her will, every time she cums he can’t help himself but to blow his load inside her. It’s almost as if her pussy was so perfect the forces created by her orgasm had some divine power over his cock, it has no choice but to cum when she wills it. Her legs soon soaked with both their warm fluids.

I… I can’t watch anymore, I have to stick my throbbing cock as deep as I can down her throat, ugh the thought of her cock guzzling ability makes me want to cum already. As if she could read my mind my cock was deep down her throat before I even realized it. Her entire body moving with Jim’s thrusts deep into her vagina pushing my cock further down her throat with each motion. The expression on her face was one I haven’t seen before, her eyes were closed, a slight smile on her lips, she looked as if she’d found God.

I let out a sound that said I couldn’t be happier, warm cum began to make its way into her mouth; she sucked it out like a milkshake. I could feel the force of her sucking my cock have an effect on the cum inside me, I could feel it coming out of my cock through the force of her sucking as hard as she could. I screamed in absolute pleasure, the feeling of cum making its way from deep inside me to her mouth through her sheer desire to put my cum inside of her was orgasmic in itself. Better than an orgasm even, my entire body tingled with pleasure.

“Keep sucking it! Just like that, oh my God! Ahhhhhhh”

I let out a scream of pleasure and collapsed on the floor, it was too much to handle standing. She followed me all the way down not letting my cock leave the sweet embrace of her mouth for a second. We’d both been fucking her for almost 20 minutes now; she’s got to be ready to explode. Not that she hasn’t came a dozen times already but knowing her she’s working her way up to the finale. One final thrust of his cock and I could tell something was happening, her moans turned to whimpers and squeals. Her entire body tensed up. My cock still resting halfway down her throat she seemed to want to swallow more, so I gave her more. Her body began to convulse and spasm, unlike I’d ever seen it before. I had to take my throbbing cock out of her mouth, but as I did she managed to grab it and suck it back in. I came more than I thought I could her desire for my cock turned me on far too much to hold back.

Jim was spent at this point he just lay on the ground watching as this godlike creature reached out mid orgasm in a desperate attempt to keep our throbbing tools of pleasure inside her. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, just as it seemed it was finished she stuck her fingers inside herself and started cumming again. My cock was almost done, but I managed to blow one final load just for her. She managed to make sure every last drop of my cum was swallowed, a huge smile forming on her face as she gulped it down like it was her favorite beverage. The way she ate my cum and the look of longing in her eyes that screamed she wanted more caused me to find something more within myself, I mounted her, teasing her slightly with my cock, slipping it in, back out, back in, she screamed in frustration. I took it out one too many times and anger struck her, grabbing my cock with her left hand she forced it into her vagina and held it inside, sinking as deeply as she could letting my cock penetrate as deeply as possible.

As the final inches were taken up by her cock lusting cum sucking pussy I knew she still had one final orgasm left in her that she had to get out. Her every move screamed ravage me, fuck me like an animal, I obliged and mounted her from the back thrusting as hard as I could, pushing my cock deeper inside her each time until it could go no more.

Sensing she still hadn’t reached what she needed to I picked her up and began to slam her onto my rock hard cock. Her pussy was so wet and ready she cried for me to fuck her harder, I started fingering her asshole while giving her pussy everything I had. Starting with a pinky and working my way to two fingers I stretched her asshole open just wide enough for the tip of my cock. I scooped up some of her cum and used it to lube everything up. I whispered in her ear.

“Baby I’m going to stick my cock up your ass slowly, don’t be afraid it’ll feel funny at first but as soon as my cock gets deep enough to hit all your spots from the other side you’ll die from the pleasure.”
This must have struck a chord with her because I could feel her pussy start to seep with liquid. How many times has this gurl cum so far two dozen? It didn’t seem possible but then again this girl wasn’t just any girl.

Chapter 8

Her sexual prowess turned me on like nothing before. Taking advantage of the situation I rubbed some more cum around the entrance to her ass lubing it best I could, I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and pressed it gently against the opening to her anus. I began to slowly ease my way in, she seemed to figure out that she needed to relax rather quickly, a natural it seems. My cock almost effortlessly made its way in, at least the head was firmly in the grasp of her tight sphincter. It felt so tight, like a pussy that’s been penetrated for the first time. Oh my god I don’t know if I can keep myself from cumming, she knows I can’t hold it and she’s squeezing me oh god stop!… I came into her before I could even finish putting half my cock in, I’ll have to start over. I worked some more fingers into her, going deeper this time. It seems just about right, my cock should go in pretty well. Jim needs to get ready, this girls going to go for a ride.

“Jim I need you to get over here and stick your cock up her pussy until she cums, then while she’s cuming hold yourself inside her as long as you can. I’ll give her a deep anal fucking and she’ll lose her shit if we do this right.”

Everything was ready, my fingers up her ass to keep it nice and stretched while Jim went to town sliding in and out of her sweet pie hole his cock tickling her at just the right spot. She started to scream like I’ve never heard her scream before; my cock isn’t even in her yet. I took my fingers out and started to slowly enter her with my penis; it was lubed well and met with little resistance. It was only a matter of seconds before my whole cock had disappeared inside her. The tightness and warmth was so great I zoned out for a minute or two drooling over the unreal ass that my cock was pushed deep inside of, savoring the feeling. There she goes, I could feel it from the inside of her, her muscles starting to tighten around me.

This time I was determined to hold out as long as possible to better hit all her most sensitive areas with the end of my shaft, sliding it around to the areas I knew would drive her insane. My efforts were met with the intense sounds of her uncontrollable orgasmic cries; the two of our cocks together inside her caused her to react like I’ve never seen before. Her eyes were completely white, rolled back in her skull, almost as if to replicate the rout of my cock which seemed to be halfway up her back. I thrust a few times in the rhythm of her orgasm; she seemed to find this unbearable as she squealed a squeal of pure pleasure with every passing moment.

For what seemed like a timeless minute she writhed in pleasure taking our cocks along for the ride. She came so much it was hard to keep myself inside her, the floor and our naked bodies were covered in cum making it difficult to keep steady. After she regained control of herself I slowly pulled my cock out of her, it was extremely satisfying as her tight sphincter provided a great deal of resistance, almost begging to keep my cock inside her. As soon as I pulled out of her my cock was inside her mouth. She looked over to Jim with my cock in her mouth and saw he was about to cum, he’d been pleasuring himself over her orgasm and she was going to swallow his load, I could see it in her eyes. In a blur of motion she took my cock from her mouth and slid it into her pussy all while inhaling Jim’s cock just in time to catch his cum that she knew was just for her. Being a bit competitive in nature I had to one up him, I started rubbing my cock trying to cum for her, it wasn’t hard just the sight of her naked body was enough to finish in moments.

I looked deeply into her eyes as I stroked my cock, she saw it coming and was waiting intently. She turned over closer to me and stuck herself just inches from my pelvis. I could feel the heat radiating from her engorged vagina. Even after hours of being fucked by two huge cocks her pussy turned me on so much I had to look away or fear cumming at the slightest stroke of my cock. I was almost there, she curled her toes as if to say, bring me your cum and I lost it. Her pussy might cause me to cum too early but her cute little toes looking up at me while they wiggle about make my cock want to explode all over her over and over. What she did next I’ll never forget, as soon as the cum started flowing out of my cock, she started sucking on the end with everything she had, heavenly is a word too weak to describe the pleasure this produced. She sucked until every last drop was inside her and then sucked until I came again.

Chapter 9

As the night died down it was slightly less awkward than expected. Jim seemed like a pretty cool guy, he even seemed to be connecting with this girl like she was any other human. I decided to let him in on the real reason I invited him here. I explained my intentions as well as I could after such an intense physical exertion. He sat in silence for a few moments before speaking.

“I’ll need to think on this, you’re asking a lot of me, I could lose my job, possibly my reputation.”

“But you agree something must be done? We can’t let her die again.”

“Yeah… I agree… but what of the countless other sims? I’m sure we’re responsible for hundreds of lives being extinguished every day…”

“There will be a time and a place for that, for now we just need to focus on what we can fix in the short term.”

“Very well, I think I have an idea. She should be able to simply exit the building with us, although I can’t say for certain that we’ll make it through the facility without someone seeing us, and without some identification someone might start asking questions. She is abnormally stunning after all, not every day you meet a perfect ten.”

“Yeah I see your point, we’ll have to think on our feet. We don’t seem to have many options, we’re going to have to walk through the front doors with her. How many people are between us and the exit?

“Just one I guess, the security at the front entrance is really the only checkpoint besides mine. We can try and bullshit our way through, maybe she can convince him she forgot her wallet.”

“We’ll have to try it looks like our only option. Let’s do it.”
The shutdown went as it usually does with the exception of my longtime lover being at my side. Her hand entwined with mine, a sexual energy seeming to radiate from her touch. I couldn’t help but to kiss her deeply. Her eyes longing for something more though, something I can’t provide with clothes on. She pressed her body against mine letting her hips press into mine until she felt my cock wake up and give her a little poke. At this she seemed satisfied.

We had to wait for Jim’s assistant to leave for the day, it made for a tense atmosphere as I could tell all my lover was interested in was having her insides filled with my endowment. Believe me I would love to oblige her but there’s a time and a place. I could see her pants were wet just from thinking about the things I could do to her.

I reached down her pants and stuck my fingers inside her, she lit up like a christmas tree, her face glowing with desire. I reached for her spot, finding it effortlessly. A flow of cum began to build behind my hand. I’m surprised she had anything left after she came two dozen times just a few hours ago. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was a creature of the gods themselves, built to meet their un-earthly desires.

Chapter 10

It was time, the lab was empty and there was a clear shot for the exit. Only a lone security guard stood between us and freedom. With no other plan the three of us made our way toward the exit.

“Hey there Jim, David, and… who are you I didn’t see you come in, I know I’d remember a face like that.”

“Oh, you see she came in early this morning and has been here all day. She’s my niece! She hopes to enter the sim tech field and she was doing some job shadowing.”

“I don’t see any female names on the sign in sheet she should have still signed in. They won’t let you through without at least doing that…”

Before either Jim or I could think up a response she started to work her magic. She began walking toward the security guard full of her usual sexual vigor, in fact it seemed to radiate from her every action. You could almost see him pitch a tent.

Before she even said a word her hand was down his pants pulling his cock out. A chair sat a couple feet away from them, in one swift motion she pushed him into the chair while simultaneously inserting his now erect penis halfway inside her. She wiggled around a bit and his cock slowly made its way deeper and deeper inside her. The security guard didn’t even have time to react, his wedding ring clearly visible. Of course she has no idea of the societal norms involving marriage and promiscuity. It wasn’t long before the security guard came inside her, mere seconds actually. His brain seemed to be completely shut down from the sheer sexual nature of this girl. He tried to say something as she started to lick the cum from around his cock but all that came out was incoherent mumbling.

“We should get going while he’s still out of it.”

Jim started to make for the exit but the girl seemed to be more interested in playing with the guards cock. Before we could get away the guard started to come to, he reached for his taser and raised it up to fire but before he could pull the trigger his cock was buried deep inside her ass, her sphincter working its magic squeezing him in ways he never thought possible. The man came almost instantly; he let out small yelp before he slumped into the chair. He didn’t look like a man who’d simply been fucked silly rather he seemed ill. He shut his eyes.

I walked over and checked his pulse, nothing. His heart must have given out from such an intense experience. I have to admit I was worried my own wouldn’t be up for the task after some of the things she’s done to me. She’s fucked me silly, more than I’ve ever been. My heart, instead of giving out, has grown instead, making room for a woman I thought I’d never find.



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