WHY KNOT (Guest Blog by Dr. Daamini Shrivastav)


Filmmaker and Cultural Anthropologist, Dhruv Dhawan, utilizes his latest film WHY KNOT as a platform to explore the boundaries between sexuality and love and the conflict human beings face between their instincts and morals.

WHYKNOT Still 1WHY KNOT explores the intellectual and emotional landscape of monogamy and takes us on a journey through the biology of sex, the history of patriarchy and the politics of monogamy told through the lives of scientists, swingers, adulterers and Dhawan’s own family and girlfriend.

Controversial and confrontational, when questioned about his film and the risk it poses to his career and personal relationships, Dhawan says,

“In a day and age where governments and social norms still dictate who we can love and how to love, I believe that we should take a stand to make these decisions ourselves.”

WHYKNOT Production-4

He continues, “When I began researching WHY KNOT 5 years ago my objective was not to advocate for or against monogamy, but to break the silence and provoke thought on an issue which affects so many relationships and families today. Today, 5 years on, after learning so much and meeting so many amazing loving people in this world, I feel compelled to tell this story and to empower relationships and communication within, hoping that one day, infidelity and the containment of our desires may be a remnant of human history.”

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Dr. Daamini Shrivastav

(Crowd-funding Manager WHY KNOT)


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WHY KNOT (Guest Blog by Dr. Daamini Shrivastav)

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