Female Ejaculation the tricks on how to Squirt

Tricks on how to Squirt!

Its not just the men that get to ejaculate, women can and do too! I am not just talking about in porn but everyone has the possibility to be able to. In this post we are going to give some tips and tools on how you can learn how to squirt by yourself. Most women are capable of producing fluid when their G-spot is stimulated properly. It just going to take some time and practice, like everything else that’s worth waiting for.

Before you even get started, it’s important to be and feel aroused and its good to have had a good clitoral orgasm under your belt already, being fully relaxed and aroused is vital to being able to access your G-spot and massage it comfortably.

In order to get even close to ejaculating, you need to stimulate your G-spot. To find your G-spot, you or your lover will have to place a  gspotfinger inside against your vaginal wall and waggle it in a Come Hither motion. You should be able to feel a raised, textured area that’s different to the rest of the vaginal wall, they are different and change from woman to woman, but they’re usually spongy type texture, even though the size and pleasure capacity varies with each individual.

It’s always worth pointing out here that yes some women will literally wet themselves with pleasure when their G-spot is stimulated, others won’t be too bothered and some may find it annoying :(, but if you want to give squirting a go, you need to get used to having your G-spot touched and stimulated.

To stimulate your G-spot, you can either use your fingers, your partner’s fingers, several different sex positions such as Doggie style or Reverse Cowgirl make sure you really lean back so that your partner’s penis really hits the spot or a specially designed G-spot vibrator such as the Vibe Therapy Mantra 7 Function Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

When learning how to squirt, it feels like for a lot of people that you want to pee when you start stimulating your G-spot, which is and can be an uncomfortable feeling for some of you, but a nice way round this to have emptied your bladder before you started then you really know you won’t pee the bed. When you start to get that urge to wee keep going and that will soon pass and be replaced by a freaking great sensation the further on you go. As I keep saying a G-spot orgasm can take some time to achieve, but it’s well worth the effort. Once you get to the point where you feel as though you’re going to have an earth-shattering orgasm, push your PC muscles out (rather than clenching them in) to increase your chances of squirting or gushing. You may want to place a towel underneath you during your first few attempts… just in case!

So, that’s it the theory is down now just in 6 steps.

1. Start with clitoral stimulation
2. Find your G-spot.
3. Stimulate your G-spot using fingers, your partner’s penis or a specially designed G-spot vibrator.
4. Keep going until you feel an intense sensation deep in your vagina.
5. Push your PC muscles out as you orgasm.
6. Gush and Squirt until you pass out from dehydration 🙂

We would love to know how you found the guide and if you tried it out 🙂

Female Ejaculation the tricks on how to Squirt
Article Name
Female Ejaculation the tricks on how to Squirt
A kind of how to guide to the mythical act of squirting, Hints, Tips and pointers to gushing like a geyser
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Female Ejaculation the tricks on how to Squirt

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