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Gspot vibeSo this item is billed as a G-spot or Prostate massager. Well my boyfriend loves a finger in his bum and having his prostate massaged. It’s taken him a while to be comfortable with me doing it, I think he had some hang ups about it as he felt I might think he was gay. I explained if he wanted a man to do it then he might want to start visiting gay bars but if he wants me to carry on then its just another sexual pleasure point for us both to enjoy.

Anyway he’s got into it quite a bit now, we’ve tried a vibrator but it was a bit big and uncomfortable and he’s not really into thrusting more me massaging his prostate. So we decided to invest in a new toy for our toy box with him in mind.

We came across the Odeco 7 speed G spot Vibrator as its also listed as a prostate massager. We really wanted something that vibrated and as this was also billed as a G-spot massager thought it would give us he thought it looked good with its big base and not to cock shaped, he was a bit scared about something getting stuck up there and having to go to casualty so the big base was a plus point for him! hahaha


It arrived in its plain outer packaging and inside is a nicely presented open faced box. The free you only wetter batteries were in the pack too. The batteries were easy to fit just unscrew the base pop them in and away you go. It has a decent quality feel to it with two textures of rubber one matt and one shiny to the bottom ring. It’s not too intimidating in size and has a good flat head area which is designed to lay against the p or g-spot

It has a single button to scroll through the 7 options which are low, medium and high then a variety of pulse programmes.

I warmed him up first with my finer then lubed up the Odeco. We used a water based lube as this is made of silicone so could be damaged by silicone lube. The flat head was a bit of a stretch to get in at first and I wasn’t sure he was going to be able to take it. it was worth persevering as once it was in position on his prostate the big flat area meant he instantly loved it. I’ve never been a fan of pulse settings but these seemed to really get him going I guess its more like a rubbing motion perhaps. Anyway it was a really short time before he was flapping his arms asking me to stop. I thought something was wrong but he just didn’t want to cum so quickly!

I reassured him, turned it back on and stop touching his cock. I wanted to see if I could make him cum with just the vibrations. He had never cum like this before but we built him up to a frenzy and then with just the slightest touch on the end of his cock as I knew he was close he came really hard! He said he hadn’t squirted that far and hard since he was a teenager!

Later after cleaning I tried the flat head on my clit and it worked pretty well as a clit vibe although not quite powerful enough for me. I also tried the g spot position although I’ve never been one to make much fuss of my g-spot so haven’t really ever found a vibe that does that for me. I think that’s me though not the product.

We would definitely recommend this and give it 4 out of 5! It’s really well priced too at £28.99. You only wetter have strange pence prices as they really do try to shave off every last penny they can to pass on to you.




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P-Spot G-Spot Odeco

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