Female objectification or screw the Daily Fail

This was in my facebook feed and I thought it was brilliant. Amanda Palmer played a gig at glastonbury and had a minor wardrobe malfunction where a boob popped out. The Daily Mail like smutty eager school boys published a whole piece on it rather than any quality journalism or musical review. Amanda wrote a song about it. Check out the video but the detailed lyrics of the song are below in this original article:- 


An Awful Tabloid Decided To Review Her Lady Parts Instead Of Her Music. So She Responded Awesomely.

Amanda Palmer, rock star and all-around awesome person, decided to have a little fun at the Daily Mail’s expense —in song — after they wrote an unflattering article about a wardrobe malfunction instead of reviewing the concert she performed. The song starts at 2:30 and includes hilarious NSFW words. At 4:00, she nails them for their awfulness. And at 4:30, she takes it to 11.

If you think there’s a double standard in the media, you could tweet and share this. Totally up to you though.

ORIGINAL: By Amanda Palmer. Thumbnail image by Mind on Fire. Used under a Creative Commons license.Lyrics:

dear daily mail,
it has come to 
my recent attention

that me recent appearance at glastonbury festivals kindly received a mention
i was doing a number of things on that stage up to and including singing songs (like you do…)
but you chose to ignore that and instead you published a feature review of my boob

dear daily mail,
there’s a thing called a search engine: use it!
if you’d googled my tits in advance you’d have found that your photos are hardly exclusive
in addition you state that my breast had escaped from my bra like a thief on the run
you do you know that it wasn’t attempting to just take in the RARE british sun?

dear daily mail,

it’s so sad what you tabloids are doing
your focus on debasing women’s appearances ruins our species of humans
but a rag is a rag and far be it from me to go censoring anyone OH NO
it appears that my entire body is currently trying to escape this kimono….

dear daily mail,
you misogynist pile of twats
i’m tired of these baby bumps, vadge flashes, muffintops
where are the newsworthy COCKS?
if iggy or jagger or bowie go topless the news barely causes a ripple
blah blah blah feminist blah blah blah gender shit blah blah blah

dear daily mail,
you will never write about this night
i know that because i’ve addressed you directly i’ve made myself no fun to fight
but thanks to the internet people all over the world can enjoy this discourse
and commune with a roomful of people in london who aren’t drinking kool-aid like yours

and though there be millions of people who’ll accept the cultural bar where you have it at
there are plenty of others who’re perfectly willing to see breasts in their natural habitat

i keenly anticipate your highly literate coverage of upcoming tours

dear daily mail,



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Female objectification or screw the Daily Fail

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