If You Want To Pull Out, Here are Some Great Sex Positions

Sex positions for pulling out can be handy if you don’t want to ejaculate inside of your partner. Here are five that you definitely should know about!

Pulling out is a essential if your girlfriend or wife is not on the pill and you’re trying to prevent pregnancy but aren’t at risk for STD’s. I am not recommending  pulling out as an effective method of birth control.

If you are worried about getting her pregnant, there are a few ways that you can avoid an orgasm inside of her, but have it be hot. A lot of guys don’t like to pull out, even with a condom on, but pulling out can lead some very kinky fun. Having your girlfriend finish you off her in her mouth or masturbate you to orgasm can be a nice change of pace. Here are the top five sex positions for if you want to pull out.

1. Missionary

By far the easiest sex position for pulling out is missionary. While mission can be seen as very boring by the sexually elite, there are a lot of couples that love the intimacy that comes with this position. Add to the fact that this is an excellent position for pulling out and we have a winner.

When you are having sex in missionary position, your girlfriend or wife will have access to your penis. This means that they can reach your penis when you start to orgasm. Other sex positions do not give you this access. Once you feel your orgasm coming up, she can either masturbate you or you can move up so can perform oral sex during your climax.

2. Doggy Style

Doggy style is another position that will like if you need to pull out. Doggy style allows you to get away from her faster if she doesn’t want your semen all over her body. Some girls think that it’s kinky to have you orgasm all over their butt, breasts or even their face. If your girl isn’t into this, doggy style can give them a chance to get out of the way while you climax into a towel or something else. If you want your girl to masturbate you or give you oral sex during your climax, she can simply turn around.

3. Girl On Top (Facing You)

Girl on top is another sex position that you can utilize if you want to pull out. When the girl is on top, she has access to your penis at any time. This is a great position for giving her more control during sex. She will be able to control the amount of penetration and the amount of movement.
Once you give her the signal, she can either start to give you oral sex or she can jerk you off while your having the orgasm. Girl on top can also set you up for climaxing into a towel if your girl doesn’t want any of your semen on her. This is one of the best sex positions for her to give you oral sex during your orgasm because she can just hop off and go to town.

4. Spooning

While spooning is typically used for intimacy after sex, spooning is a great position for pulling out during sex. Line up for the spoon and enter your girlfriend. This sex position allows you to enter her at an angle for better penetration and for massaging her g-spot.

This is also a great position for kissing her neck and massaging her breasts during sex. When you start to feel your orgasm coming, you can pull out and she can masturbate your penis while you climax. Be sure to have a towel handy or you can orgasm onto her pelvis area.

5. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a great position for your girl to take control. This can also be a pretty good position for pulling out. Have the girl sit on top of you facing away. Enter her and allow her to take control of the sex. She will be moving up and down and probably grinding on your penis.

When you start to feel the orgasm coming, Slide back and pull your penis out of her vagina. You will probably have to finish yourself off as this doesn’t leave much choice for her to finish you off. She will either have to turn around or reach back, leaving her in an awkward position. This isn’t the greatest position for pulling out, but it can still work.


Pulling out is not a fool proof method of preventing pregnancy. These 5 sex positions will surely give you just as much pleasure as staying in when you have an orgasm.


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If You Want To Pull Out, Here are Some Great Sex Positions

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