Butt plug challenge

1) stairs. Walking is hard enough. But stairs are a real challenge. Small steps. Don’t squeeze. No not that relaxed!

2) driving. I’m a horrible driver. Now each time I hit a bump or move wrong I jerk. No officer I haven’t been drinking. No I’m not on my phone. Yes I will walk a straight line. I’m sorry I’m rude I’ve got something shoved up my ass.

3) the gas station. Walking again. Small controlled steps. Don’t squeeze or relax to much. Despite what I’ve been told it can slide out in it’s own. Where’s the nearest bathroom and what’s the chances that I can get there before the plug is at my feet staring at me. Oh yes I’m here for breakfast. No I have no idea what I want. Here sir go ahead of me.

4) work. Why do I sit on a ball? Really no chair. I can’t slouch. And sitting is difficult. Ok I can do this. Only five hours of squatting. My legs and and ass will get a work out. Wait no don’t slide now. Ugh.

5) bathroom. Nobody told me to steady the plug when going pee. Can you imagine the sound had it slide out and hit the water. “No no no” plop! ” fuck. How am I gonna get that and clean it. Should I put it back in” not sure what the stall neighbor would be thinking.

6) removal. I should have remembered toy cleaner. How fast can I clean it in the bathroom sink with no one noticing. Not the bathroom conversation starter I was hoping for.

7) sneezing. I’m pretty sure that if precautions are not taken then the plug can easily be shot like a missile from the ass.

8) laughing. I can’t seem to stop laughing this morning. But I can’t say that it’s unpleasant to have the plug move with my laughter. As long as no one tickles me I think I can hold it in. If tickling occurs then again I’m sure the ass can be used as a weapon to fire the plug lol.

9) farting. It is possible. Be very very careful. You can whistle. Nuff said.

10) coffee. I’m afraid to even approach my favorite beverage. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain.

Yea it’s gonna be a long day. 3 hours down. If you don’t have a butt plug yourself and want to get your self one use BUTTFUN10 for 10% off all bumfun toys

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Anonymous Blogger

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Butt plug challenge

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