Holiday romance

Well we went on holiday and as promised I wrote a few stories when I was away. As there was no wi-fi and as my outdated network charges a fortune for data roaming I didn’t get to post any.


I’ll post them this week but first I thought I’d share some details of our holiday fun.

The opportunity to have uninterrupted sex in a comfortable environment without limitation of time is for most of us usually only a weekend luxury.

It amused me when at the bar one night a fellow holiday maker asked me why I wasn’t drinking. When I replied I don’t really drink any more he kept repeating the mantra ‘but its all inclusive?!’
Little did he know that I was happily taking advantage of a week long all I could want smorgasbord of sex.

We didn’t take any toys, vibrators or dress up gear etc, with us so the sex was relatively vanilla in that sense however boring it was not!

Whether it was the sun or the leisurely pace of life I don’t know but the sex was fantastic! We made love in a variety of positions making loads of noise and revelling in the fact that our neighbours and the maid making up the next room could probably hear us. After all we wouldn’t be seeing these people again, so what did it matter?

There was one afternoon before lunch when we left the poolside and slipped upstairs for a pre lunch ‘siesta’. Lying in the hot sun with her dressed in skimpy bikini bottoms and her pert boobs on display had been making me horny all morning.

We entered our room leaving the curtains drawn to let in the hot sunshine but leaving the balcony door closed to at least spare the neighbours some of the noise.

I stripped off my swim shorts and lay on the bed, she came out of the bathroom walked around to my side of the bed whilst stepping out of her bottoms.

She let out an approving ‘mmmmm’ as she appraised my tanned body. Kneeling alongside me she began to lick my balls and slid her tongue up the back of my cock which responded almost instantly by growing to a hard erection.

She put my erection in her mouth and continued to suck and lick me taking time to enjoy the dribbles of pre cum emanating from the tip. I pulled her up on to the bed so she was straddling me and began to rub and finger her pussy. She was already very wet.
I used my hard cock rubbing the helmet against her clit and sliding in just the very first inch teasing her with the end.

‘Push it in’ she said
‘Hmmm that’s not the way to ask is it? I think you need to learn some manners’
I flipped her off me rolling her on to her back and positioning myself between her legs my arms on either side of her body in a press up position I used the length of my cock, sliding it across her clit and back to the entrance to her pussy but never quite entering.

‘Give it to me’
‘Thats just demanding, you need to learn to ask properly, now you’re going to have to beg’
‘Give it to me please’ she said as I continued to slide myself against her leaning on one arm and using my hand to push the tip of my cock hard against her clit.
‘Thats not begging that’s just asking politely, if you want it beg’
‘Just fuck me with I’ she smirked
I pushed the tip inside no more than an inch ‘is this what you want?’
She nodded eagerly.
‘Tough’ I said as I pulled back out again ‘you need to learn to beg’
I rubbed my cock around the entrance to her pussy feeling her hips pushing towards me trying to feed my cock inside her.
‘If you want it beg’
‘Fuck me please’
‘No that’s still just polite asking, clearly you don’t want this’ I pushed my cock all the way in quickly then pulled out in one fast smooth motion. She gasped and whimpered at the same time, squealing ‘no’ as I took it away from her.
‘If you want it, beg for it properly’
‘Please fuck me’
‘Still not begging’
I pushed in an inch again rocking and circling my hips ensuring she couldn’t get anymore inside her no matter how much she squirmed.
‘Ok ok please sir please fuck me’
‘Thats better’ I said sliding my cock all the way in, she gasped with pleasure and greedily rocked against my cock. I knew she was close to coming before she told me but as soon as she said the words ‘ Im going to cum’ I stopped.

‘Nooooo!!!!!’ She screamed grabbing at my hips trying to pull me back inside her.
‘If you want to cum, you need to beg for your orgasm and now you’re going to have to beg for my cock again’
I placed the first inch back in her pussy and said ‘Is this what you want?’
‘Yes, yes please sir please fuck me’
I slid my cock back inside her, pausing momentarily before resuming rhythmically fucking. I felt her begin to build towards orgasm and she said ‘please sir can I cum, I want to cum sir’
‘You want to cum?’
‘Yes sir I want to cum sir please sir’
‘Ok you can cum’ I quickened the pace feeling her orgasm building as she thrust back against me
‘Im going to cum sir I’m going to cum….noooooo, she screamed as once again I pulled out.
‘I should have said yes you can cum when you’ve begged some more’
‘Oh god please sir I need to cum please let me cum’
Pushing my cock inside once again, I began pushing knowing that her orgasm wouldn’t be far away. ‘Shall I let you cum this time?’
‘Please sir yes sir’
‘Then beg me’
‘Please sir I beg you I’ll do anything I want to cum’
‘Thats better, now keep saying it’
She repeated the line urgently panting more and more thrusting against me with a hunger and intensity.
‘Shall I stop again?’
‘No sir,
‘Shall I stop?’
‘No sir please let me cum, please sir I beg you, please sir’
‘You may cum’
Her back arched as she came and I pushed my cock deep inside writhing with her as she panted
‘Oh god oh god I’m coming sir I’m cumming’

Holiday romance
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Holiday romance
An erotic story about sex on holiday featuring teasing, mild domination and orgasms
Jon The Nudist
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Holiday romance

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