The morning

I’d woken first and could hear his deep breaths next to me. He looked so peaceful I decided not to wake him. I picked up his shirt from our evening out and put it on. I could smell his scent lingering on the soft cotton fabric. I crept out of the room taking a last glimpse at his nakedness before walking away.

Downstairs I stood at the kitchen window looking out at the clear blue sky, sipping a cold glass of water. I heard him coming down the stairs but stayed still pretending not to notice.

He came up behind me and swept my hair aside exposing my neck and started kissing it gently. Nuzzling and nibbling working towards my ears. I could feel my body responding,  knowing that I was getting wet already.

He put his arms around me and started to caress my nipples. Gently at first and then harder, swirling them in his fingers. All the time still kissing and nibbling at my neck.

He moved one hand down and cupped my pussy then slowly slid one finger over my throbbing clit. The touch was electric and sent shivers all over me. He then inserted it into my wetness and started to tease. Now my neck, nipples and pussy were all enjoying his exquisite touch.

He moved his hand away from my pussy and bent me forward, leaning over the worktop. I could then feel him. His hardness at the tip of my pussy. I stayed still and waited for him. He gently inserted the tip, teasing me knowing I wanted him. He stayed that way slowly putting more of himself in before withdrawing again.

Then the thrust. One deep hard movement of his body and I had all of him in me. I was so wet and needy for this man I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I was right, we both came at the same time with mutual moans escaping in sync.

“Morning babe. Tea?” He asked….

Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous Blogger

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The morning

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