Cyber sex

When the person you have decided to have a relationship with spends a lot of time away then sex has to become different. When the only communication you have is through email, pictures and the odd phone call then you get used to masterbating. Lots! You have 

Cyber-Sex-e129953sex (cyber Sex) through words and images and the feeling can still be as intense.

With my guy we had been sending the dirty messages and pictures of various body parts and he knew i liked it more kinky than vanilla. We had done the dress up, some vibrator playing and the anal on a regular basis before he went away. He then asked me this question. When you see me exactly how do you want me to fuck you?

My reply…..

After not seeing you for several months i will be desperate for your touch. I want kissing and then you forcing me against a wall, you lifting my dress up, pulling my knickers aside and then thrusting your hard cock in me.  No touching. No playing. Just kissing and fucking, hard and fast til we cum. Then I want more…

I want the gentle next. Kissing every part of each other, touching, licking, biting. Exploring each others bodies like we never have before. No words required just reawakening our senses to each other. The touch, the sights, the smells as we pleasure each other leisurely and thoroughly.

Then once our bodies are at the edge sliding deep into my wet pussy and owning every part of me. Controlling me, pleasing me, once again making me yours.

Now the real fun starts.  We’re both satisfied and initial needs met. I want playtime now. You want to know how I want fucking? Tie me up so I can’t move. Blindfold me to heighten my other senses, tease me. Take control of me, punish me if I’m bad. If I cum too early, if I ask or beg for more, if i ask for you to stop. Slap my arse til it’s raw, pull my hair, put your strong hands around my throat, gag me, play with me until I ache for you.  Make me succumb,  dominate and please me…..

His answer….

That’s quite full on x

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Anonymous Blogger

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Cyber sex

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