Cunt Loving Quest from Lady Cunt Love

cuntYour Cunt Loving Quest

You have a special Cunt nestled between your thighs. She is unique to you, right down to the last tiny nerve
ending. All Cunts look, smell and taste different. She is entirely perfect, just as she is and she longs for your love and attention.

  • Maybe you feel now like I once did.
  • Disconnected, numb or even disgusted.
  • Maybe you long to love yourself in a way that is meaningful.
  • Or maybe you already have a special relationship with your Cunt and you want to deepen it even further.
  • Either way, I KNOW your Cunt has many stories to share.
  • Some good, some bad.
  • By sharing them, you can let go of the pain and shame.
  • And then you will see she has songs to sing.
  • And awesome, hip shaking dance moves.
  • And art to create.
  • I know she is longing for you to listen to her.

photo-21Cherish the Cunt is a campaign that encourages women to celebrate their uniqueness, beauty and power. It began as a very personal mission to connect with my own cunt and my story. I’m now ready to share all I’ve learned. I am a sexual health activist and educator and am sometimes known as Lady Cunt Love.

The Cunt Loving Quest is an online course for women beginning on 1st April. It is a chance to explore your relationship with your cunt in the safety and comfort of your own home. You will learn about the origins of many popular words used to describe our sweet bits – cunt, vagina, vulva and yoni. You will also be provided with anatomy diagrams based on the latest scientific research and receive a lesson on the Quodoushka sexual genital types.

Each day you will receive a Cunt Love Note from me and each week you will receive a visualisation meditation, a workbook to download and guidance from one of our four CUNTASTIC teacher, Betty Dodson, Amara Charles, Inga Muscio & Uma Dinsmore Tuli. You are given a Cunt mission to do each week to guide you along your quest and held in a safe and secret online group with other women.

Join the quest here.

For more information please view a video of me explaining the quest in more detail here.



The Cunt Loving Quest
Article Name
The Cunt Loving Quest
Cherish the Cunt encourages women to celebrate their uniqueness, beauty and power. It began as a very personal mission to connect with my own cunt
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Cunt Loving Quest from Lady Cunt Love

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