Audra Morgan The Gift Erotic Story Competition Story 17

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Phillip tapped his foot nervously on the elevator ride up to the 14th floor.  He was normally rather nonchalant, but he found himself suddenly rather terrified of what might be transpiring once they reached the hotel suite.  His mistress had made it very clear that her birthday plan was to serve him up to various friends on a metaphorical silver platter, though, and he would willingly oblige.  He’d been with Courtney for years, so long that he hardly remembered being physical with another woman.

Phillip and Courtney had been monogamous since their first date, and they’d gotten serious quickly.  When her dominant tendencies surfaced, he was quietly thrilled.  He’d never felt like the one in charge in their relationship, and he’d often worried something was wrong with him, and that as soon as she discovered his shortcomings, she’d leave him.  He’d joyfully served her every whim for over five years.  In all that time, she’d never even hinted at their playing with anyone else.  They went to parties where she beat him mercilessly in front of a crowd of admiring onlookers.  They’d had sex in front of the same people, but they’d never invited anyone to join them.  The turn-on for her had always been in the exhibitionism.  She said she enjoyed showing him off to others.  He had always prided himself in his body, and in his commitment to work out five days a week no matter how hectic life became.  He didn’t act like a jerk about it, but he knew he looked good, and he enjoyed it when she put him on display for their friends and acquaintances.

This, however, was so different.  She hadn’t even told him what would be expected.  Sex?  Beatings?  Both?  She’d simply said to be ready for whatever might happen.  What a way to make someone nervous!  He knew Courtney had a sadistic streak not only when it came to the physical side of things, but also the mental.  She was fucking with him, and she was enjoying it.  All he could do was take a few deep breaths and tell himself it would all be okay.  Hell, perhaps it might even be fun.  A small touch of guilt arose in him when he pondered that possibility.  Was he supposed to enjoy this?  Would that even be acceptable to her?  He assumed he’d find out soon enough.  The elevator finally opened, and she led him to their suite.

Phillip entered the room and looked around with a smile.  Courtney had clearly spent some time preparing things.  Candles were placed around the room, already lit, rope was tied to the bedposts, and an assortment of riding crops, floggers, and other implements rested on the loveseat next to the bed.  Yes, this would be quite the party.

“Did you take a shower before I picked you up?” Courtney asked, looking him over carefully.  “Yes, of course I did,” Phillip replied with a slight roll of his eyes.  She swatted his ass playfully.  “No need to get snarky, Phillip.  Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed.”  Phillip obeyed at once, pulling his shirt over his head and slipping his shoes and jeans off.  He climbed onto the bed and lay on his side, resting his head on his arm and smiling cheekily at his mistress.  “Okay, Smartass.  You’re not here for a photo shoot.  On your back.  Now.”  She gave him another swat, and he lay on his back, his head sinking into the comfy goose down pillow.

Courtney wasted no time in using the rope on the bedposts to secure his wrists.  He had just enough slack to avoid arm strain, and to sit up if so ordered.  Courtney knew Phillip well enough to know he wouldn’t take advantage of that small mercy.  He lay back, gently tugged the ropes to make sure they were secure, then asked if she would be blindfolding him before their little adventure.  “Oh, absolutely not,” she replied with a wicked smile.  “I want you to be able to see everything.”  She let out a slightly foreboding laugh, then she walked to the French doors separating the bedroom of the suite from the sitting area.  She opened the doors, and Phillip’s eyes grew wide.

He could see at least four people sitting on the posh sofa, and another leaning against the wall.  Two of the guests were extremely attractive women, one of whom was Courtney’s close friend and a fellow domme, and another he’d never seen before.  There were also three men he didn’t recognize.  Phillip did a double take as this registered in his overwhelmed brain.  Why were there men here for the party?  Perhaps Courtney didn’t want him having all the fun.  Understandable.  And Phillip had secretly longed to watch Courtney fuck another man.  But three?  That might be overdoing it just a tad, even for her birthday!  Phillip stifled a laugh as he imagined Courtney finding herself deluged with men, all wanting a part of her, while she attempted to control what her female friends did to her sub.  This was going to be an interesting night, without a doubt.

Courtney entered the sitting area and spoke in a muffled voice to her party guests.  Phillip felt his cock stir in anticipation of being teased, beaten, sucked and fucked.  Happy birthday to Courtney, indeed!  His nerves were all but settled, and he was ready for an experience like none he’d ever had.  He smiled broadly as Courtney’s friend Gemma approached the bed. She was wearing a leather corset and tight, dark blue jeans.  He silently hoped she’d be removing those jeans very, very soon.

Gemma walked over to the spread of toys on the loveseat, and she picked up and examined each one.  She settled on a simple black crop, and she flipped it over in her hands a few times, finally nodding and turning her attention to Phillip.  Courtney was nowhere to be seen, which gave Phillip pause until the sharp sting of the crop on his upper thigh commanded his full attention.  He let out an embarrassingly high pitched squeal, and Gemma laughed loudly.  “Really, Phillip?  Courtney led me to believe you were more of a man than that.  Buck up, it’s gonna be a long night.”  She struck him with the crop several more times, gently caressing his thigh once she was done.  She focused on his other thigh now, striking even harder, but Phillip was determined not to make a sound this time.  His breathing grew heavier, and Gemma smiled, knowing he was either really enjoying it, or really hating it.  She was good with either one.

After a few more minutes with the crop, Gemma tossed it to the side of the bed and produced a Wartenburg pinwheel from her back pocket.  Wow, Phillip mused, she really came prepared!  She smiled a somewhat malicious grin, crawled onto him, and ran the pinwheel over his stomach and chest.  After a while, she began to use more force, and Phillip found himself panting as the tiny steel pins pressed into his flesh.  He blushed as he realized he’d grown fully erect and his cock was pressing forcefully into Gemma’s thigh.  “Do you want to fuck me?” Gemma asked him with a coy smile as she noticed it too.  “Yes, please,” Phillip replied with a sigh of relief, quite anxious for her to tear those jeans off.

“Well, you’re out of luck, Sweetness.  I don’t fuck my friends’ subs.  It’s unbecoming.”  She giggled at his look of utter dejection, and she glanced down at his erection and laughed again, just to add a little punch to her denial.  She adjusted her position and straddled him roughly, pressing herself down against his rigid cock.  She clearly enjoyed the tease.  When he let out a soft whimper, she rolled the pinwheel across his chest so hard he was certain she’d break his skin.  She inched closer and closer to his nipples, then circled them twice, pressing so hard he couldn’t stifle himself any longer, and he began to moan loudly.  He had always loved pain, and lots of it, and he was in heaven.

Phillip noticed Courtney enter the room with a muscular, tan guy with dark brown, wavy hair and a trimmed beard.  Even in Phillip’s state of near-bliss, he paused to contemplate how peculiar it was that Courtney had chosen this man to fuck.  He wasn’t at all her type.  He knew he’d thoroughly enjoy the show regardless, and he felt his cock grow even harder at the thought of what was to come.  As Gemma continued to roll the pinwheel over his flesh, he smiled and waited for the show to begin.

“This is Travis,” Courtney stated rather matter-of-factly as a wicked smirk began to spread across her face.  Travis began to undress, and Courtney stood near the foot of the bed, her attention divided between watching him undress and observing Gemma work her magic with the pinwheel.  Phillip couldn’t help noticing that Courtney was remaining fully clothed.  He began to grow a bit impatient, as he’d secretly fantasized about this moment for so long.  He was roused from his thoughts by a cock suddenly poised centimeters from his face.  He jumped involuntarily in surprise, and both Courtney and Gemma laughed loudly.  “Open your mouth, Silly,” Courtney commanded Phillip, rolling her eyes.

Phillip’s mind began to race.  He’d never sucked cock in his life.  Honestly, he’d never even considered it.  He had gay friends, sure, but he’d never had any interest in men beyond basic friendship.  What happened to his fantasy of seeing this muscle bound guy fuck Courtney?  What in the hell was going on?  Amidst these rapidly occurring thoughts, he looked at Courtney with a pleading expression on his face.  Courtney was no longer smiling.  She walked closer to him and slapped him hard across his hip.  “Suck his cock, Phillip.  Now.”

Phillip closed his eyes and opened his mouth, and Travis forced his cock all the way to the back of Phillip’s throat.  Phillip gagged, and Travis eased up a bit, then began to thrust into him gently.  Phillip opened his eyes and saw Travis grasping his cock at the base as he thrust.  Phillip began to try harder to take it all, and he moved his head forward, towards Travis, and took his cock as deeply as possible into his mouth.  Travis began to moan as he pushed himself into Phillip’s mouth, and Phillip found himself shockingly aroused.  The combination of this unexpected turn of events, combined with Gemma’s now-gentler use of the pinwheel on him, had him hard as a rock and feeling like he might burst at any moment.

Just as Phillip found himself really getting into the first blow job he’d ever performed, Travis let out a loud, guttural moan, pulled out, and came all over Phillip’s face.  Travis continued stroking his cock until every last drop had been expelled, then he bent down to retrieve his clothes, pulled his jeans on, and left the room.  Gemma followed suit, returning the pinwheel to her pocket and exiting without so much as a goodbye.  Phillip suddenly felt more self-conscious than he’d ever felt before.  He licked his lips furtively, noting with surprise that the taste wasn’t bad at all.  He was glad, though, that he hadn’t had to take it all in his mouth.

Courtney approached Phillip with a warm, damp towel and gently cleaned his face.  “Such a good boy you’re being for my birthday.  I almost thought you were enjoying that.  Perhaps it’s time for a little treat.”   She left momentarily, returning with the other woman he’d seen lounging in the sitting room.  She’d stripped down to a lace bra and panties, and she was absolutely stunning.  Piercing blue eyes, black hair cut into a short bob, and skin so pale it looked as though she hadn’t been in the sun for years.  She glanced at Courtney, who gave her a silent nod, then she climbed onto Phillip, crawling seductively until she was kneeling over his chest.  He let out a sigh, savoring the anticipation of what might come next.

The woman arched her back and caressed her breasts seductively.  Phillip wished he was untied so he could touch her gorgeous, lily white skin.  He ached to run his hands along her sides, down her hips, to slide his fingers underneath those lace panties.  As he was pondering that thought, she slowly slithered up his chest until she was straddling his face.  She yanked her panties to the side and lowered her pussy onto his eager mouth.  More aroused than he thought possible, he began to lap at her clit hungrily.  She moaned, grinding her pussy onto his face and slamming her hands against the headboard.  She moved her hips forward a bit, and his tongue began plunging feverishly into her pussy.  Her moans grew louder and louder, and she slid back down so he could tongue her clit again.  Her entire body shuddered, but she didn’t stop forcing her pussy down onto his face.  She wanted more, and she was going to get it.

Phillip hadn’t noticed anyone else enter the room, but he suddenly felt a hand on his ever-hardening cock.  The hand stroked him as he continued to lick and suck at the clit poised over his mouth.  The hand on his cock was soon replaced with a mouth, and Phillip let out a growl as waves of pleasure immediately began coursing through his body.  Whoever was sucking his cock possessed extreme skill and was taking his entire cock with each stroke, with just the right amount of suction.  He gasped, and his body jerked, almost tossing the woman off of him.  He forced himself to remain still and to finish her off, and as he ran his tongue across her clit forcefully, she let out a scream, held herself down against his tongue as her entire body shook, then climbed off him and collapsed onto the loveseat next to the bed.

Phillip was finally able to catch his breath, and to look down to see who was sucking him so expertly.  It was a thin, extremely attractive boy who looked like he was in his early twenties.  Despite what had already transpired, the taboo nature of being sucked off by a hot young guy took him by surprise and excited him tremendously.  He watched the boy’s mouth slide up and down his shaft, and he noticed how skillfully he paused and swirled his tongue around the tip of Phillips cock.  Phillip began to breathe heavily, and he knew he was about to explode into the boy’s mouth.  “No, you don’t!”  Courtney commanded him with a firm slap, and he focused all his energy on not coming.  Courtney smiled and patted him on the chest.  “That’s a good boy,” she praised him as he grimaced from his efforts to maintain self-control.  After a few more minutes, Courtney patted the boy on his shoulder, and he rose from the bed and exited the room.  Phillip realized the woman had left as well; he’d been so caught up with one of the best blow jobs he’d ever received that he didn’t even notice her leave.

“Are you enjoying my birthday?”  Courtney asked with a sly smile.  Finding himself unable to form words, Phillip nodded enthusiastically.  Courtney sat next to him and rubbed his arm.  “My original plan was to line up a few people to beat you.  But I decided this would be more fun.  For us both.”  She smiled again, glancing behind her at the sitting room and nodding before returning her gaze to Phillip.  One more to go.  This is going to be a good one, so get ready!”  Phillip gulped audibly, and she laughed again.

This time, Courtney began removing her dress and kicking her shoes off.  Phillip watched her undress, enjoying the view as he always did.  His mistress was absolutely beautiful, and he never tired of examining the curves of her body.  He was so caught up in admiring her that he didn’t realize a third man had appeared.  This one was more Courtney’s type.  Tall, slender, not by any means a gym rat, but he clearly took care of himself.  He had a dark brown mop of hair and brown eyes which seemed to glisten as he smiled at them both.  “I’m Justin,” he said to Phillip with a small nod.  Courtney scooted next to Phillip on the bed, and he held his breath, waiting to see what would come next.  He’d dreamed of enjoying her body along with another man, but he knew better than to assume anything after the evening’s events thus far.

Courtney kissed Phillip deeply as Justin stood near the foot of the bed, seeming to admire them both.  Phillip closed his eyes and surrendered to her kiss, realizing that this was the first time today he’d actually kissed her.  His head had been swimming with thoughts, but for a moment, his mind went blank as he melted into her, feeling a closeness he’d never quite felt before.  Justin crawled onto the bed and sat near them, but he didn’t touch them.  They kissed a bit longer, and Courtney caressed Phillip’s chest, abdomen, and thighs before encircling his cock with her soft hand.  “I’ve been thinking about this moment for so long, Phillip.  You trust me, right?”  Phillip nodded enthusiastically, dizzy with adoration for her.

Courtney reached over to the night table and grabbed a bottle of lube.  She poured some onto her hand and again slipped down to his cock, giving it a few lingering strokes before she continued on to his ass.  She slipped a lubed finger into his ass and he let out a sigh.  He’d always enjoyed that, and he held his breath, waiting for a second finger.  As he anticipated, she removed her finger and then entered him with two.  He moaned at the feeling of pressure, at the lovely intensity of it.  She pushed into him gently, then more forcefully, and he felt his cock stand at attention.  His head fell to the side and he growled softly into his shoulder as she began to thrust her fingers into him quicker and quicker.  He started to shudder and she immediately pulled away.  She smiled as he let out a disappointed whimper.

Phillip opened his eyes and saw Justin slipping a condom on, then lubing himself up.  Courtney watched admiringly, then returned her attention to Phillip, stroking his cock slowly but firmly.  Justin moved closer, placing his hands on Phillip’s legs and pulling them up off the mattress.  He rubbed Phillip’s thigh with one hand while the other hand found his ass and slipped a finger in just as Courtney had done.  For the third time that night, Phillip gasped as he found himself experiencing something he’d never imagined.  Justin removed his finger, then rubbed Phillip’s ass for a moment before gently thrusting his cock into it.

Phillip’s hips rose off the bed, and he let out a loud, sharp moan.  Courtney quickened the pace of her hand on his cock, and he settled back down onto the bed, trying his hardest to relax.  As he did, the sensation of being penetrated by a cock for the first time became less and less painful, and then began to feel incredibly pleasurable.  Justin noticed Phillip’s sighs of pleasure, and he plunged his cock into him harder as he watched Courtney’s hand skillfully working Phillip over.  Both Phillip and Justin began to moan loudly, almost in unison, as the pleasure built, and when Justin came with one final violent thrust inside Phillip’s ass, Phillip exploded into Courtney’s hand and onto Justin’s stomach.

Justin headed for the bathroom to clean up, and Courtney followed him.  She returned with another wet towel and wiped Phillip’s cock clean.  She tossed the towel aside and untied him, happy to allow him to put his arms around her and hold her for the first time that night.  Phillip did just that, holding her tightly and whimpering softly against her chest.  She rubbed his back, then she ran her fingers softly through his hair.  “Thank you,” she whispered as he clung to her.  “I knew you’d happily let anyone I brought here beat you.  I wanted to see you REALLY submit to me.  And you did.  You made this the best birthday ever.”  She kissed him softly on the cheek and lips as he drifted off to sleep.

The Gift Erotic Story Competition Story 17
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The Gift Erotic Story Competition Story 17
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Audra Morgan The Gift Erotic Story Competition Story 17

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