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20130614-225346.jpgFor someone who is quite open sexually I’ve always found phone sex a little awkward.

In the past year I’ve dabbled in it more times than ever before and feel I’m getting a little better.

The best thing for me is to talk through a scenario, my biggest tip here has to be build up slowly otherwise very quickly you get to the point where you’re repeating yourself.

Describe the scene in detail before moving on to the actual activities in the scene.

I would ask the recipient to tell me what she is doing and how it feels as I’m telling her to imagine this or think about that, making it two way and describing what you are doing to yourself also helps heighten the tension and keep the flow going.

You can choose anything but I like to think of unlikely or risky scenarios that adds a feeling of naughtiness to the proceedings.

Something like:-

Imagine we’re driving, your sat in the passenger seat wearing a tight dress, heels and panties, I’m in the driving seat wearing a suit.

We’re driving down winding country lanes and I place my hand on your knee, parting your legs slightly and begin to slide my hand up your thigh.

You look at me, I glance at you and smirk you reach over and can feel I’m already hard. You start to gently trace my cock through the fabric of my trousers with your finger, knowing that its teasing me feeling me getting bigger and pulsing at your touch.

My hand slides higher up your thigh my nails momentarily scratching your skin and my fingers reach your panties. I can feel your already wet through the fabric and I start to slowly circle your clit using the slight roughness of the lace to graze your pussy.

You gasp and wriggle away slightly, I roughly grab the top of your panties and pull them towards me, dragging them part way down your thighs. I look at you and say. “Take them off. Now. Or I’ll tear them off. My fingers are already probing your wetness as you sit with your panties part way down and my cock under your hand.

You bite your lip, lift your skirt, raise your arse and slide your panties down and let them fall on to the floor.

Occasionally you are aware of traffic or passing trucks and wonder if they catch a glance of my fingers rubbing your now exposed clit and sliding into your pussy.

I raise my fingers to my mouth glancing at you and away from the road as I suck your juices from them……,

You get the idea!



Man. Two Kids. Mid Life crisis. Read my brain dumps here. Joint owner of youonlywetter, generally all views are my own. Unlike my brother (Jonthenudist) I think Dr Who is shit.

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Call me

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